Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What is Entertainment Art?

There are 2 types of Entertainment Artists:

1. The Traditional/Digital Live Artist who entertains an audience 'live' where there is an immediate gratification leaving both the entertainer and entertained in a win-win situation.

This Entertainment Artist is an artist who is in the truest sense a 'traditional artist' who makes drawings/sketches in the presence of a live audience. He/she who purely uses pencils, paints, pastels etc. on paper, canvas or wood respectively.

Like you see here my very talented Live Entertainment Artist friend "A renowned Italian Humorist Roberto Mangosi making one of his enjoyable art performances to an audience in Rome:

The picture below is from one of my small performances yesterday at a Dubai BNI meeting (part of my 60 sec. pitch) with their Regional Director Mr. Bijay Shah who accepted the honor of being my audience-participant to help in the making of my quick live caricature. 

My Live Art is a bit different where I allow any member of the audience who wishes to volunteer to participate in my performance to demonstrate the fact that there is an "Artist Gene" in every human being where anyone who may think he or she does not have it in him/her "the artist material" at the end of the show will indeed be pleased they were able to contribute in the making of a drawing worthy of a display-piece.
2. The Entertainment Artist who creates works to Entertain an Audience via media, by way of Animated Films, Commercials, Short Stories where there is a certain amount of rehearsal. This is not a live performance and hence the gratification happens once it is released to a wide audience.

Here the artist is one who relies on digital tools too but has advanced traditional skills to use these tools so that with these skill-sets flourishes into visual development artists, art directors, character designers, environment designers, production designers, or any of the other plethora of designers in the entertainment community (these entertainment art positions as quoted on

Funny I did not realize all through my journey as a Creative.... Right from my first job as an animator in the early 90s I was wanting to carve myself a niche as an "Entertainment artist" forgetting the fact that I was already one, many years ago.

All my life I have anyway been asked to perform making portraits and caricature at parties....getting little time to actually do the typical childhood playtime pranks. That became very a convenient escape from any emotional hassles if I had to deal with any in the growing stressful world we live in. Entertainment Artists have a blessing to get into their own blissful world of illusion which they create with their pencils.

Pleased to see you again on my posts. Be back in a while with some more food for artistic thought.

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