Sunday, February 21, 2021

2021 - with more Purpose and Meaning - for everyone.

In 2012 when I started out as an entrepreneur, solo I looked at my art and animation career that ended in me being my own boss. That’s a good thing But that landed me in other essential stuff really bossing over me.

When I saw that my artistic career was having to compete with the growth in technology and Artificial Intelligence, I had to enhance myself as being a creative consultant. Meaning I constantly had to be in the creative-mode, creatively thinking outside the box. Since then I have lost count, the number times I have had to think out of the boxes or gauge the size of the boxes. I have had to think outside the box 24-7.

I thought I am done explaining my thought-process that went into my techniques that make up my art when I saw technology is making those techniques automatically available. Or is it!? I am seriously and pleasantly contemplating today. And so I am back with my new and restructured purpose. A meaning like every other human being can happily live by.

Original human talent if one has to offer without a dependence on technology or devices such as the iphone or ipad or the likes or even to use them, it all depends on hour we wire our human brain to make it better for everyone and yourself to experience. I have some good news on my next posts so see you back again.

Timelapse oil Painting of Future Museum