Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daily Life Color Theory for an Artist

Hey everybody?

You see these beautiful birds here? Wait till I tell you who they are! Indeed they played a big part in my colorful life, just a few weeks ago.

Color Theory is an important subject for any creative designer or a person leading a group of creatives to live in.

To give a brief run-down on Color Theory, Color is the strongest design quotient if one learns to use it effectively. One can use it therapeutically in a visual life's landscape to either energize or relax, to make a statement or just as an attention grabber to play on bettering ones moods.

My most enterprising tool in my day-to-day work habits is none other than the "color wheel". Now isn't it difficult to believe that the color wheel was first designed by "not an artist" but one of our favorite innovators "Sir Isaac Newton" in 1666?

Do check out the various color wheels I have sourced out for the benefit of you readers.

                                                                 Source: tigercolor.com

                                                         Source: aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu

                                                             Source: realcolorwheel.com

                                                                Source: colors-4life.com

                                                                  Source: nhsdesigns.com

                                                               Source: designfestival.com

                                                                Source: colourlovers.com

                                                                     Source: worqx.com

As this post is basically to address inspirations in an artists mind, I am only touching upon the most basic of the color theory.

So, getting on to the main crux of my message here,....
A few weeks ago as I was preparing for one of my travels, I was outdoors doing my chores when I realized that the household was missing some "chromatic pets" which went missing last summer. I decided to get a few more of them to throw some cool and warm colors to our back yard which was fast approaching a steele grey winter just before the advent of Christmas.

These lovely birds threw a nice splash of colors to complement our garden with the oh so natural color wheel they carried on them with their adorable singing & swinging displays.

I will be addressing other elements in this vast subject of "Color Theory in future posts, to complement my various creative discussions here.

I'll be back soon with the wackiest thing I ever did with the Color Wheel in real life! :o)

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