Friday, January 8, 2016

Mood-booster Post

As we tread into uncharted territories of the much anticipated 2016…..

Today all I care about as I recharge in prep. for the next week ahead is that I am so grateful to have gotten this far and so grateful for the people who have patiently stood by me in full trust.

This is a thought I picked up when I was listening to a Mood-booster playlist of music.
Good people, good things are in volumes in this world and no matter what there is a sparkle of bright light to cheer everyone of us somewhere in this universe. That also moulds us or reminds us to stay giving, stay kind, stay happy in beatitude.

This is the only moment in life we are definite about and let's enjoy it let's be proud of where we are no matter what age, creed, race, gender or disposition. 


  1. "Every day above the ground is a great day!" Wow.. What a powerful thought! Thanks for the post, Remy. Have a great year ahead.

    1. Thank you Joseph. The illustration is mine…Indeed these powerful words are that of rapper Pitbull in his song "Time of my life" when I was listening to a mood booster playlist on youtube the other day. :o) Have a great year ahead as well!!