Friday, July 17, 2015

Art Classes by Artists in Dubai

Hello dear friends and well-wishers

This is my newest and most promising few endeavors in my tenure in Dubai as an authorized Art expert.

I am launching my new series of Art classes in various cities in the United Arab Emirates and in India starting this MENA summer and India Winter of 2015.

6 months away from my dear blog here has been my longest time off. But I promise I come back with glad tidings!!!

Although I have made specialized posts and articles on my other specialist blogs,  the only reason I was away from our Rembrandz blog was because I did some serious prioritizing of my line of artistic services. 

Hence I now announce that I am redefining this blog from focussing on my art practice to focussing on how art, artists and art methodologies as a movement can be made useful to my community. 

With this post I am also glad to coincide the relaunch of my Facebook page with its new name Artists in Action….where it will be all about educating through art, art events to promote and assist various communities within the public and local environments. 

Will tell you in time how therapeutic it can be made along with my other artist friends who will perform as ambassadors to creating a well-being and cheering up of the community in fun and interactive activities….This set of energetic creative minds will operate with no bar on age, caste, creed, gender, location, spiritual orientation or social status….as long as everyone are able to participate with one intention….art to enhance lives.

So long till I return very soon for some more news….coming soon!!

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