Friday, December 5, 2014

An event to cherish!!! An enjoyable painting session!!

Dear all!!
I hope you have been well while I was gone out of the blogosphere for so long.

Perhaps this artwork I made dedicated to UAE under the Zee Art Community Umbrella says it all!
…Which... I just have come to realize this very moment!

I would like to hear if your subconscious speaks to you in this way too…. Where your art and passions have led your quest for whatever future you have been seeking.

While doing this live along with 8 other truly passionate artists living and working in this country (Do take a look at all the other paintings made that day by my new artist comrades: having their own stories to tell through their paintings.),

….little did I realize that the past 5 months I have been a lot more a part of this portrayal than ever before.

And so today as I get ready for another artistic performance…the excitement in anticipation of yet another new UAE experience I am going to see today (will tweet or instagram when I am there in a few hours), I cannot help feeling pleased at the opportunity I received on 2nd December and find it urgent to register this here to share with you and extend my gratitude to the lovely organizer of the ZeeArt community here in Dubai!!

Let me explain the story behind this piece so that all of you can see the context of my narration here. So that you too can relate to it.

While creating this piece I was enjoying the fact that people watching me, came up to me so curious to know what I am trying to show here. And I just told them it is for them to guess and if they have at the end of my art session, I think I have succeeded. Else it would be otherwise and think I have better luck next time as a performing artist. Luckily a handful... to my joy did guess what I intended although I left out one important subject from my painting. I felt okay because I could make myself an original painting than a derivative. The metaphor is what was important.

This picture explains my take on the theme to paint that day "My UAE". which takes us along the path of a classic English fairytale we all have enjoyed growing up through elementary school.
"The Jack and the Beanstalk"
You may refresh your memory from here: :o)

And the subject I have chosen not to paint in here is little Jack. Instead I have attempted to indicate that there are a number of us here climbing this beanstalk to find treasures up above the beanstalk.

So there! I hope you have enjoyed and been able to reflect while reading on like I have totally enjoyed replaying my inner thoughts while creating this realistic abstract piece. 

So long till the next time! I am sure I am coming back here sooner to tell you more of my adventures…while I climbed this beanstalk … a lot to share but I rather tell it in small potions (I meant potions not portions) as I want to relate to it as how it all turned out to be artistic inspirations for me whether the experience was a struggle or victory.

Will be back on the next day I feel so overwhelmed with beatitude!! as today! And hopefully all of you can take away a bit of my happy artistic moments to make this life a better journey!


  1. Wow... Remy, that's soooo amazing! The painting is really fantastic and the concept incredible. I think you have captured the essence of why most expats are here in this wonderful country... Great work. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you Joseph for your appreciation!
      I am glad you were able to share my message in my painting.