Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sci-Fi Novel Trilogy in the making (Design Ground-work)

Great to be doing some ground work to create an art-piece for my favorite Sci Fi author yet again. This time it is for his upcoming third novel as part of the trilogy.
It is always very exciting to make a piece for Gunnar C. Garrison as his creative briefs are in itself a masterpiece. 
I am quite pleased for this week as he is the second among my treasured clients who are just so perfect at painting the exact picture of what they have in mind.
Makes it so much easier to swoop into their story and get the piece done with a few sittings.
The following are the first and second novels I am pleased to have illustrated for... now available on Amazon. Both works were created by Digital painting, complementing the original characters with background filled with image-processing.

Thanks for passing by!

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