Friday, September 5, 2014

Organizing Artworks: A very Creative experience!

Hello there folks!

It is Friday here in Dubai and we are a good time into the weekend at this fag-end of a middle-eastern summer. Something very creative happened this morning. And I found this my best time to register it.

This was the spectacular start of my creative weekend. Organizing my Art!
I am very pleased to come back after a number of months of Fridays I could not update happenings at my side. Will tell you why in the coming weeks!
There sure was and is a lot that has been happening, all... too much and too over-crowded to update as surprises and interesting things kept happening "by-the-minute".

I wish I could send you a series of what I refer to here, right now, at once. While it is a near impossibility to do that, I promise I will put it out here to share for everyone in the community to learn from in small accounts from time to time. I will try to make it perhaps in picture strips to be worthy of looking at as like a story. :o) As I do have to illustrate each situation for one and all to take away from.
However, at this moment, all I can assure is that for certain I was on a great big educational journey where life in its mysterious ways allowed pockets of joy, pockets of surprise, pockets of awe and of course allowed opportunities to learn the truths about some lies, and the actual truth of dark intentions which lay behind quite a few "angel faces". I bet you would have seen some of those sometime in your lifetime too. Only that these veiled-with-an-angel-face was an occurrence all too frequent in a post-recession atmosphere that it has become almost predictable. So that's a good thing for all of us, isn't it?

So after this coming-back for good "speech", to start off this very very exciting season in my creative and art world, I make this post to share how today in spite of starting off as any other normal day turned out. It was one so spectacular, triggered by just a mundane chore I decided to do. I decided to clear up a couple of my mini shelves filled with doodles and paintings of work-in-progress and I was so pleased what I found. Like a pandoras box, I was pleasantly surprised to find my long lost treasured sketches which I had forgotten about. Now this added a whole new note of motivation for me to rollout this blogpost as the first special for the season.... making me capture all these sketches right now into my workstation.

While I keep my paintings and unfinished pieces to post for another time, I choose to post here a few of my ink & pen sketches.

So enjoy! while you share this wonderful thought as all we artists very often find ourselves in
An Aceo Ink & Pen Piece made for Ebay
I post this in tribute to my friend who passed this mid-2014

"one does not need a large, rare occasion to scintillate ones artistic I always say....little things in life can give one that immeasurable pleasure of being and making this a wonderful world to still exist in.

(1) Pen & Ink sketch - Cotton Tree in India sketched during waiting-time in my car

In spite of any low-moments for any of you, there is always hope in this world of unending may walk through the face of an opportunity and come out with none, but you may very well ramp into that next best opportunity when you least expect it... Or better still... a number of them land up all at once, all of a sudden putting you in a dilemma of what "one" opportunity to choose. This has happened to me many times. So don't worry!

You are in a good place!
So for those of you who haven't found that dream opportunity... just "believe" that it is waiting somewhere hidden... very close to you. You only have to find it and experience that it is your joy in your own small world. right?

View on!!!

(2) A 5-minute pigment ink doodle made on location Time Square Mall @ Arte early this year

(3) Enjoyed sketching these kittens playing their pranks.

These are just a few sketches I leave you with so that I can come back with the rest from time to time. So let me say goodbye while I go make those watercolor pieces. Weekends in Dubai is all I get to make my gallery works peacefully in my studio away from the weekday business grind.
Take care and get inspired by everything and anything out there. Remember nothing is a bad influence on your perceptions!! Take care!

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