Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Adding spice to our daily work!. My Technical Painting Days

Folks folks!!! This is an exciting cry from my studio because this day... I might say that am in the middle of volumes of sketches and reference images in front of me....essentially doing my "Dream Project"...for the third time in my years in this industry.

I love doing Scientific or tech. drawings especially when a client comes to me and says he/she wants it as an actual painting....with the freedom to use anything....paints, photoshop, 3D or vector drawing software.

So am on my way to do such a piece...

How lovely it is for a change to actually re-learn our science sessions at school...which we may have almost forgotten ....to be able to renew what one learnt years ago and update with todays inventions...urging me to make my artistic representation of each of it at every step....What a great way to brush up my brain cells ... A chance which rarely came by....now overjoyed to be in that moment of nostalgia and pleasant deja vu.

Isn't this certainly an up-side to being in the creatives-business? There is a kind of getting back some reward while imparting and serving the society.

Do keep yourself updated on my youtube channels for video and animation born out of projects of such nature. In demonstrating these in my social media, I hope it would help you with some ideas on how to enjoy yourselves too while working in todays grind...I feel that no matter what field you maybe in. :o). Think of things to beat boredom at your daily job.... Have a chirpy weekday!!

Ciao then for now.

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