Friday, May 16, 2014

A thought for the day for an immigrant creative

Today yet another weekend day after a recharge at the end of the weekdays mill, I sit pondering upon a few visualizations while chasing a deadline. It happens to be very appropriate... a subject so real... being an immigrant professional for over a decade now and having the honor to get first-hand experience in working and living amongst a multinational society.

Living in a foreign country as a foreigner is in my opinion, a hit and miss situation because nobody can be proud of enjoying lasting associations or friendships as it is a society that is coming in and out. (That is why I used the word "transitional".

As I create my pieces it brings back some mixed memories of the past, of people I have come across...Of the good people who come and go and the good people who have adopted nasty habits perhaps to survive... to me these survivors whether in the right or wrong, stay longer. Multinational societies are excellent but capitalism becomes the word of the hour... So in these times of global citizenship I make these drawings from my experience as an artist, professional, executive while working in various parts of the world. Every experience ironically speaks the same language because at the end of the day most of our interactions are with human beings irrespective of creed, cast, race, gender or age.

In my opinion this scenario has given a lot of learning but has come as part and parcel with unbelievable challenges for each of us.

Tune in for my take how I tried to live realistically in such a harsh but exciting world away from my home.


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