Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Art Dubai - a take from a local contemporary artist

To all you art enthusiasts interested in the Art world happening at the centre of the Middle-east ... a hub for art with multi-cultural interests....That is Dubai
Here is my quick run-down of our Art Dubai visit.

Sit back and enjoy while you read my take.

On the 22nd of March was the day a small group of artists visited to see Art Dubai - a showcase of galleries from about 75 countries around the world at Madinat Jumeirah.

This was the best piece I liked.....priced at about 4000 British Pound. It looked like a print....and was sold out to at least 5 buyers
We were all looking forward to the grand display of internationally acclaimed art galleries showing their world class artists' designs, art and installations.

Here is narration with my pictures I took along the way.

At the Cartier Stands

Cartier Displays were flawless and Spectacular!

The first piece we encountered....worthy of study... A strong play of mixed-media here including Gauche

Very interesting ceramic piece!

This was no photograph...but paintings!

Interestingly named with the word "blue" in its title. 

These stood apart from many other displays simply because of its monochrome colors....It was also very relaxing to the beholder.

Corrugated card board installation.

An ambience within the show which seemed complementing every art piece on display

Interesting display....I am unable to recollect the title....but sure is thought-provoking.

Interesting piece of art....well worked-upon.

A realism mixed with surrealism?

Interesting play of colors

Artistic installations from the ceiling

My most favorite installation....we noticed it right at the end....as it sat modestly waiting for everyones attention :o)

Interesting installation....makes one stop and look at thoughtfully

Abstract piece I would understand if I had spend more time at the venue

Interesting installation was definitely a crowd-puller :o)

A piece we noticed right at the entrance...with the Expo 2020 logo on it
Check out the ambience! Once again

Interesting piece....I am sure there was a great story behind it.

This installation certainly makes its presence felt....and is absorbing the light and shadow as it feels fit

Reminds me of a piece I indulged in a few months back

Lovely installation complementing the ambience....

very meaningful to many.... 

Play of color harmony to me.

Nice installation....worthy of study...

Lovely play of light, shade and depth

This piece played upon our sense of illusion. This is not a perspective shot....but a piece which actually looks like this

Interesting piece....one could capture true meaning from it

An abstract....should be really meaningful for the artist.

These pieces were priced $30000

This piece was USD120000

I saw a mirror piece which was sold out for 250000 (not sure if it was add or use). Either way the buying for of the piece was huge!! eh?

Hope you guys enjoyed Art Dubai 2014 report. So long on this same note same time next year!

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