Friday, March 21, 2014

An Art-trio unite in the event of Art Week Dubai

Here is a sneak peak of what some of we artists are occupied with this week during Art Week Dubai.

I have perhaps reached a moment of truth after my many years of practicing as an artist in the region.

A rare opportunity to trek as an art trio from the same home country but from 3 different backgrounds, different artistic styles and views coming together this week to share their common interests and endeavors in art.

Tomorrow I look forward to taking a trek in the arts arena with 2 other practicing Dubai artists our interests have drawn us closer over the past months. Tomorrow we are off to the financial city of Dubai (popularly referred to as DIFC) and  in and around Downtown Dubai where a number of top-name art galleries wait modestly for meaningful visits from art connoisseurs and art lovers. And indeed they have been frequented by many an art collector of fame.

The 2 of my artist friends are quite accomplished in their own right and possess their own unique styles.
Meet Manisha Andrade an Artist from Bombay - Mumbai who has her paintings owned by several collectors in the region and abroad with many of her pieces/installations in and around the city on display.

Meet Nissa Riyas an accomplished persevering artist again with her paintings much in demand among a good number of art lovers. Having her upcoming shows in April and May at Lalith Kala Academy, India and in Dubai galleries respectively.

It is going to be a pleasure of finally going to ArtDubai with artist peers like them. Looking forward to being able to take a close look at masterpiece paintings and galleries drawing attention from around the world. Glad to know that we will be covering at least 10 galleries tomorrow.

Hopefully we will be able to manage to take another trip to the actual ArtDubai festival along Jumeirah.

More details on how it went with some supporting photographs coming up in a couple.

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