Saturday, September 7, 2013

Illustration Friday - Theme Hidden

Hello there and thanks for stopping by again!

Here is my submission for this weeks theme @ Illustration Friday - "Hidden".
I was wanting to participate this Friday by drawing specially for the theme when an almost perfect topic was declared which has a metaphorical reference to this charcoal and watercolor pencil piece.

This piece will be in an art show called "Against the Tide 2013" in Dubai on the 11th - 14th @ The Ahmadiya Heritage Guest House.  She is part of a series where I portray women from various regions in the world. I call this lady the "Damsel-Arabia".

I am so thankful for Illustration Friday that I have a good reason to make a few posts on my blog at least sporadically so I don't get all lost in my real-life work activities.

See you the next time when I plan to make a few posts showcasing some amazing independent talents here in Dubai.

It would be interviews with some award-winning versatile commercial artists in Dubai. These freelancers are examples of warriors in this battle of true talentship (just made it up :o)) with a weird world in a typical post-recession environment where it is good against evil business practices and an answer to people who think talents are available at their own disposal. For they who think they could have works of art exchanged as cheap stakes. These talented individuals demonstrate how they defy this phenomenon.

Talents have so many options and so many perspectives to make it a success even if the market turns against them.

And so my experiences the past 2 weeks makes me realize that such posts are the need-of-the-hour for a passionate artist surviving on his/her own to take away from.

So please come back for a useful read.
Happy crusading in your passions and keep the high spirits going, no matter what!

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