Friday, September 13, 2013

An Arabic Culture Dubai Art Show commemorating 9/11 for the message of peace - Opening night & coverage

This 11th September was opening night for an Art Show in the Ahmediya Art Gallery where more than a handful of Dubai artists united to display their works of art.

Do take a look at the pictures taken on location: 

And here we artists stand with a symbolic gesture to pledge the evenings message, "Against the Tides, United for Peace".

Thanks to Zareen Knan and her dedicated team of lovely art facilitators!


Uh oh! I almost missed posting these pictures below.... Introducing my artist friend with her new passionately created lovely pieces of art with air-dried clay on coffee-base (truly eco)....and a couple of mine in oils and charcoal.

An exciting post featuring Manisha's lovely art....IS COMING SOON...stay tuned for that!

I am so glad to be part of such an ethnic art exhibition organized by the group "Against the Tide" supporting several good causes in a single show which makes me want to donate part of the proceeds of the outcome of my participation to a peaceful cause in the region.

What I want to take away from this show: 
  • Is the opportunity to connect with my fellow local artists, art lovers and facilitators. 
  • Observing that every artist is a winner as each one of them has their persona impressed upon their masterpiece. Hence contesting each has no room among passionate fine art. 

However the show will pronounce a winner on the last day based upon vote-counts from visitors to the event. 

What I would love to see 
  • A winner chosen from a random vote from the general public unknown to the artist except for his or her art, who at the instant of the visit finds a connection to an art-piece/pieces and decides to vote for one which truly has intrigued them. 
Do you agree with me when I say that it is a personal preference which could never be induced. My take anyway is that it is difficult a choice to make among so many beautiful works on display.
  • The grand prize (of a solo show sponsored at Ahmediya) to go to such a deserving artist!

The show is running @ the Ahmedia Art Gallery till the 14th September 11am - 8 pm.

I hope to speak to you but only via my paintings at the show as am at work this weekend. Although, I am very glad I could steal some moments to key in this post.

Take care! and Thanks tonnes for having a read!!

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