Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Children-themed fine art

Children in Children's Art make great subjects for a therapeutic moment in sketching....where we get to use pastel shades and use subtle blending technique. In a few strokes we could bring out the cuteness and spontaneous innocence in the characters.

This sketch is a repost of one of my favorites, I made for a greeting card. In later years I made it in vector graphics (using Adobe Illustrator & Microsoft mouse) which gave a whole new look.

It was a treat to do the piece and make it come to life especially the blond curls. I hope to create some more children's-themed works in the coming weeks. Will post it on here as I roll out each piece.

Digital Paint on Paper sketch - Posted on IllustrationFriday.com

Do click through a couple of more children's' themed illustrations:

Great to see you on my blog again. Hope to be back soon. So long!

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