Monday, March 4, 2013

Hands to heal the world

Hi folks

I must apologize to my readers for my long absence from the blogging-online world.
Blogging about art has been such a healing experience for me as I get while I give and share.
The healing when we create art or write to share has a 2-way effect and I can't express how not being able to blog for a few months has slowed down the therapy to my mind and soul. I am sure you all share this opinion. But heck this is only my take!

Real-life caught up well enough to pull me away from any online interactions which has its pros and cons. Came September 2012 and the markets especially in Dubai showed a steep curve up, much to my pleasant surprise. But alas all/most of my leisure got sacrificed in the name of work. Up until then, business has been comfortable and laid-back while some markets were still recovering from the recession with the seasonal stumbles in the UAE. Then came the quick change which took all especially the newbie independent business people like myself by surprise. Being a one-man army I have had to juggle with my projects as well as administrative duties which go into running a business. So there... I had to take a long break from my dear blogging. Since I believe this online-world holds a promising potential for my future occupation I want to be able to come back more often by striking a balance between the real world and online world in business.

See you all very soon. Meanwhile, wish you a Happy, Stress-free business season.
Make hay while the sun shines! :o)

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