Thursday, June 7, 2012

Media Bridge at the Dubai Studio City held on 06 June 2012

My appreciation to DSC for extending their invitation to me for their 2nd Edition of "Media Bridge" at the Dubai Studio City. It was a networking event for their business partners to get together and get acquainted with new players.

I was very pleased to meet some great people from the Film & Production industry in such an ideal platform with attendance of like-minded people. The gathering was made very warm by the DSC hosts and the lovely caterers who made sure it was a sumptuous :o) business breakfast gathering to remember.

The speakers were very good, where they spoke elaborately about their offerings. It was interesting to note how well the 2 businesses showcased themselves in the event. Although I went to the event to find two things. Their insight of the industry as players stationed within the cluster and to networking with the partners.

The lasting value I can always reminisce on from yesterdays event would be some promising discussions with the "Attendees" where most of them were interested in collaboratively working on future endeavors (profit or non-profit) to compliment each others presence in the region.

My commendation to the authorities for facilitating such a possibility.

At the next Media Bridge edition I would look forward to the presenters giving their audience an insight into the industry (as being players in the Dubai industry) while they showcase their offerings.

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