Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daily Life Color Theory - Color Harmony

This post addresses an important element in Colo(u)r Theory. ...COLO(U)R HARMONY... after I just figured that my first post on Colo(u)r Theory has received at least 6000 hits. Thank you  for letting me know that you are interested to know more about Colo(u)r-theory and perhaps how I apply it in my everyday life as an artist.

In my first post;postID=8067908127082557533  I only covered the basic colour wheel, where I featured my new bird pets who still sit chirping and making my garden (oh!) so colo(u)rful and happy, with a new born looking out of its peep hole "green with envy" ;o) watching his other colourful counterparts chirping around. His daddy is green and mommy a nice sunny yellow. Thanks to these lovely birds the place is bubbling with colo(u)rs.

As a second part to my colour-theory post, here today I am featuring one of my real-life art-pieces, showcasing the newest of my pets "Reji" a Siamese Fighter Fish.

May I proudly say that nature has marinated him with these amazing tones...a lovely crimson red, ultramarine blue and deep violet, with a silvery sky blue shimmer along his streamlined scales. An absolute beauty with a proud tantrum!

Here is what I captured of an unforgettable Betta in one of his most temper-filled moments!

I am not to blame for his anger, that is just the way he is by nature a very aggressive territorial aquarium fish.

While I make him a pretty-looking inhabitable space and study his character when finding ways to make him a less stressed-out personality, I am thankful to him for giving me a very colourful painting you see here. It was quite therapeutic while I made it, for the creative-dabble of cool and warm shades in a colorful musical harmony. In his silky display I could almost visualize the harmonizing currents of water around him perfectly obedient to the velvety direction of his delicate majestic fins swaying floret after floret.

This leads me to touch upon a very important topic today.

Colo(u)r Harmony

Colo(u)r is like music. A painting or an art-piece too possesses harmonizing in the aesthetic visual sense like in music compositions. 12 notes in music is just the same as the palette of colo(u)rs.

The art of practicing colo(u)r harmony is in knowing which colo(u)r to use, in what order and proportion. It involves scientific and aesthetic methodologies. Some colo(u)r combinations facilitate us to study all possible variations at once.

Whether you are here to seek inspiration for your next art masterpiece or an design layout for an ad or a cover design or even an inspiration for your wardrobe, it is suggested to start with the overall sense of the effect you are looking for... subtle or stunning, silent or striking, cool or hot.

This week I will be back covering several aspects of colo(u)r speaking of how it effects the mood, based on size and structure and purpose.

See you again very soon.

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