Monday, March 19, 2012

Illustration - Sizing to High format is no joke!?

I am sure many illustrators have run into a situation I am in now and doing what I am into at this moment.

One of my designs has brought on the need for me to make it 50 times larger in size. Oops! That is going to be several man-hours of pixel-level make-do and late hours of work and great strain to the eyes.
Below is a tiny clip of my mural sized once tiny artwork: Will upload it here once I am done.

But the good side to this exercise is that we get to learn the intricate details of the subject. For example what I am working on now is on an organic subject where I need to go down to the details of painting in its blood vessels. So am enjoying the research I am doing to get it right and glad to think back and realize that how my years of sketch-outings to make it my way of life as an artist is paying off... to do live sketches of humans and animals at gyms and the zoo respectively.

There are to regrets for the investment of time and energy I had spent at a time where many in my part of the world would have frowned upon to make sad judgments about this. How else could an artist grow in a city where specialties in art merely lay primarily within the passion of the learner whether an art-school student or a normal student who worked side by side with a passion in art. The only option was to enliven the dormant motivation within. As a Math graduate student with a passion in art.. which is all I needed to get started to hang out with a few naturalists in the city, while they covered nature with their various elements, I sketched without boundaries on anything under the sky. Right there was my art-schooling which has helped to reap the benefits today when I sit with this simple pleasure.

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