Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Artists could survive a blackout. Read on...

One spring morning my whole office went off all electronic gadgets. And that was indeed a blessing in disguise for me. When I had the opportunity I bought a one day break from all my business associations and decided to make good this once in a life-tine opportunity. Yes! power-cuts such as this is rare in Dubai where I live and work but back in India where I grew up if there is no power cut in a day maybe considered a once in a life-time opportunity to enjoy uninterrupted work.

Here is a painting I made on one of my visits to India when a power-cut at dusk made me take the brush and paint to wash off my impatience of grappling in the dark.

But this day graciously compelled me to go back to our roots where our artist fore-fathers picked up a charcoal or a pencil to sketch.

And so with the natural light of the day and a candle light for the night, I made a small sequence of cel animation with my peg-bars and papers lit underneath the glass-top table with a tea candle.

When I made this small project and ran the line teat, it lightened up my spirits giving me a confidence that we artists have a chance, way past our retirement. That even if a gadget fails on us we do have some job to make ends meet.

All my life, having my traditional art as my alternate career makes me heave a sigh of relief that I could count on a skill like many of we artists who possess a traditional grounding to give back to the world intelligently even with minimum resources... All we need is a passion and conviction eh?

Thanks for coming by.
See you again.

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