Friday, December 2, 2011

UAE National Day and a Study on a Graphic Design historic initiative

A very Happy UAE National Day 40th year!

I created this design a couple of years ago approved by a New York City Creative Director of Flatiron Industries, New York City based upon a popular movement "Constructivism in the early 1900s" which plays an important influence on New Graphic Design today.
I am proud to release it this year on this special day for this young and gleaming nation of the United Arab Emirates.

The message behind this image is that it is indicative of the nation's direction of building new urban development as the more the country becomes competitive and the more it becomes significant in the world map.

Constructivism was an artistic and architectural movement in Russia from 1914 onward, and a term often used in modern art today, which dismissed "pure" art in favour of art used as an instrument for social purposes, namely, the construction of the socialist system. The term Construction Art was first used as a derisive term by Kazimir Malevich to describe the work of Alexander Rodchenko in 1917. Constructivism first appears as a positive term in Naum Gabo's Realistic Manifesto of 1920. Kazimir Malevich also worked in the constructivist style, though he is better known for his earlier suprematism and ran his own competing group in Vitebsk. The movement was an important influence on new graphic design techniques championed by El Lissitzky.

Here are more discussions about this very important movement which has made such an important mark in todays Graphic Design Principles.

Constructivism on Wikipedia
An essay related to Graphic Design
Design in History

Here are the Google Doodle finalist designs for the National Day Doodle featured today.

Congrats to all 14 of them!!

Winner: Andrew Osama

Thank you for developing Art and Artists UAE and of course respects to Google for the facilitation as displayed above.

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