Saturday, August 20, 2011

International Homeless Animals' Day® August 20th: Artist Activist Observation

Hey there folks

Today is observed as a special day for some of those helpless beings "Homeless Animals".

The following piece was made in tribute to a couple of those homeless animals, which I had an opportunity to adopt one middle-eastern summer.

As an inspiration from those nostalgic days with my pets, I have been working on a Children's story book series that should get published the following year.

This pet portrait you see below belongs to one of my dachshunds back in the 1990s, while she too demonstrated great tolerance when I gave temporary shelters to homeless pups at home (from time to time) until we could find them a home.

Today I decided that the proceeds from the print-on-demand sale of this art piece must always go to better this "homeless animals" issue back in my country.

With this said, I am pleased to call out to all you well-wishers who empathize with animals left outside unattended, with nobody to care for but is put through all kinds of brutality and abuse in certain parts of the world, to just spare a moment to make a difference for them for the better.

I did stop by to do this today if it meant making their existence a little better on earth:

What is your agenda towards this cause for today?

You are also welcome to read my newly released article on the subject:

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