Monday, August 15, 2011

India Independence Day

As a global Indian I felt it a pride to take the opportunity to release this icon with a message that comes along with it.

It is my pleasure to gift this image as royalty free for all of you to use because it holds a very special message of integrity and secularism and India going through a global revolution with its knowledge based educated young. And a different kind of democracy which may not be particularly similar to the rest of the world.

Hence this brief article is a foreword to a series of articles I intend publishing in the near future about India, especially to help the world understand the diversity of India and why Indians though integrated in many ways are diverse from one to another. I have observed during my world travels that Indians have amused, amazed and in some instances even confused certain others. My articles I hope will throw some clarity about the versatility in an Indians behavior so that our friends in the rest of the world get amused for the right reasons. :o) and assume many issues surrounding an Indian in the right judgement.

While I leave the inauguration of such articles for another time, I am pleased to state that this 15 August of 2011 was one of the greatest Independence days India has ever had nurturing the Gandhian spirit because it has fallen at a perfect time when most of the beliefs of the world and that of India celebrate a season of "Giving and of Peace".

This 15 August falls during the Holy Month of Ramadhan when Muslims in India and in the rest of the world are celebrating a season of giving, non-violence and peace.

The 15th of August also coincides with the day when Christians celebrate a day of Giving and Peace in the Mother (called the Ascension Day).

At the end of this season when Muslims celebrate Eid, the Hindus in certain parts of India celebrate a harvest season which is also culturally intertwined when they celebrate together as one community irrespective of cast, creed or religion. Hence another perfect season for giving and for togetherness.

So the India Independence Day of 2011 was indeed a day to remember as I am sure that it was a peaceful charity-filled day for many yet frolicking and pleasant.

I hope you too had a good one with the National flags fluttering and the National Anthem humming in the landscape!!

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