Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy International Friendship Day 2011

As part of International Friendship Day, I launched my very own youtube channel called Remoteremz starting with showcasing one of my animations - a line test performed for half of the story, but it pretty much establishes "the friendship without borders theme".

This is a story I created at least 10 years ago and actually made it in 3D in a hurry to take it to my first Siggraph. But I wanted to make it a 2D animation and hence got as far as making it on cels and shooting it into the computer frame by frame... which i did at the New York University back in 2007. It has only reached the cleanup stage.... hopefully I can make it ready by the end of 2011 for public viewing of the finished movie.

This is copyright material and any idea or depiction from this will be considered infringement of copyright.

While doing the cleanup for this I will be releasing an exhaustive article explaining the process of traditional animation called cleanup for you to understand how important the job of a cleanup artist is. Where I will also feature all time legendary cleanup artists who were instrumental in making animation sketches look pleasing to the audience over the golden years of traditional Disney and Looney Toons animation.

Happy International Friendship day 2011 everybody!

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