Saturday, May 14, 2011

What is Map Design or Cartography

car·tog·ra·phy/kärˈtägrəfē/ is the science or practice of drawing maps.
Just as the craft of Graphic Designing, this is something which needs in-depth study in order to master it.

This art and science of map-making are traditionally practiced by cartographers. Drawing of maps came to be as part of an effort to understand our environment. Explorers have traveled far and wide in quest of an accurate map since the 1700s.

Modern day cartographers still hold regular jobs in their specialization, thanks to political and geological changes.

Cartography is made up of two Greek words, Cartis meaninng "map" and Graphos meaning "to draw or write".

Modern practitioners of Cartography are much better off than their ancient counterparts because today they have the advantage of computers and other equipment to make their maps more precise.

Even we design professionals can get off doing a few cartography projects with our design gears.

But of course we too have to do a sound amount of learning into the GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and technicalities to be able to do justice to the field of Cartography.

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