Thursday, May 26, 2011

Business Communication = a creatively charged work life

Today when the globe has become so much networked and tiny, there is a greater need to reach out to people/associates who are from different walks of life in a way that is understood by their respective cultural languages.

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At least 10 years before I stepped into business school I was intrigued by business communication and getting into it was like a given when I was an executive at our family business. Hence my first classes in the same was given by one of my mentors who is a business communication, marketing and entrepreneurial advocate and a professor at a university who also happens to be my brother. It is with gratitude to him that I look back and see that my creative writing may have stemmed from the grounding since those early days.

So, years later when I sat for my formal graduate studies, I had enough time to make my communication as creative as possible, by adding-on illustrations, personalized cards/e-cards or even an animation if it meant keeping a lasting impression with my associates.

This has simply been the reason why I work till date, with some of my oldest colleagues, clients and employers.

Following are a few tools I can suggest to help maintain a business relationship.
1. Maintaining 'Press Releases' to keep your audience up-to-date with your activities and top achievements.
2. Corporate E-cards or Greeting Cards: A need to seize an opportunity of an occasion to pass on a good wish (not too annoyingly frequent). Just enough to remind them that you are available and open for business.
3. If not for a fancy flier/card just drop in a corporate howdy and pass on your current portfolio to show of your updated services.

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4. Choose perhaps the occasion of a New Year? to send your associates some merchandize of your services and products, something they could use all-year round to remember you, also to indicate to them of your renewed interest.
5. Finally, perhaps send them a special invite to an event which has your presence.

The above mentioned are not only effective tools, but also a reflections of a goodwill you radiate to show that you are always client-oriented, on call and ready to serve.

That's all for now! Wish you Happy communicating!

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