Thursday, April 13, 2017

World Art Dubai - A new Era in art & artist reporting starts here

And so I am pleased to be back today to Kickstart my blog writing here in a new light in Art and Art writing.....

On a fresh pursuit to complete what it is to be an artist and creative practitioner.....

and what do we endeavour to do as a community to empathise, flourish and cherish. "Creativity is from our souls" and has No same colour, No creed, No ethnicity as it is as diverse as it is coexisting. Something I saw at WAD too.


On one of Dubai's season premiere for art in the region through WAD... I am pleased to ask this very important question. What is the message we as artists really have to communicate to the world we live in?! Could we say, Art is not for only a small community to be part of and keep it a closed business? Isn't Art born and not something that is learnt ever to its full capacity? One maybe a Phd in it, a self-taught talent, an ardent passionate practitioner, but yet one never has reached a full capacity to say that he or she is that ultimate super champion in art. It is an evolution! Isn't it? It is organic and changing just as we are as organic beings, just as the seasons change and clouds displace to reveal new moods. So I can boldly proclaim that "Art is not to contest or compete with another". To be fair it's best to make it a tolerant art form. In my teachings I often say to my students that Every single soul is born with a talent to create art. It is repeatedly proven to be true as years roll by in our own living lives. All of us just have to carry on with our lives just with an open mind as graceful spectators of this earth where we must all coexist without a choice but to live in with kindness, full of laughter and fun, positivity and a resolve to stay sane. So with a sharing and a tolerant mind we can make it good to live for ourselves and for any one around us.

So here I go forward to embrace the fact that I have to help induct art into a society for everyone to use it to communicate and make their lives easier. The one time we all are on this planet.

"Pictures speak louder than words!" This although is a cliched phrase is indeed the crux of life. And so as a long-time contemporary artist and Realist, a video producer and animation director, I begin this phase of my blogging here to introduce the artist in you and speak to the world your many loud statements to this world. What as a user and creator of this visual media can we say about what we create, give, sell, showcase and expect that others do back for us to make this platform a life-changing samaritan.

With this said may I share here the few amazing pictures I had an opportunity to take on my Recce trip to WAD - The World Art Dubai fair yesterday.

It gave me a real shake up and shuffle of my weeks schedule. Certainly making my plans around this fare rather than around any other priority. For me it was meeting, greeting old art friends and collectors and making new connections for my re-entry into the Fine Arts Arena this year.

Stay tuned to this space for some new exciting regional and international posts coming your way with a feature of one great visual artist and performing artist every week on this space.

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