Monday, January 12, 2015

First week of 2015 in Dubai #Accomplished #Goals #RestarttheArt

Was the 2015 post-holiday startup great for you?

With a week into the brand new year. It was everything about making amends.

As it always is we start a New Year making amends with life to start with, without a care if the positivity is reciprocated. Our attitude makes all the difference and any reciprocation is made to look positive. That is the power of our magical mind and brain-power. It is a bad day only if we make it one.
'Nough said about philosophy already :o)…let me just dive into reality which made this week that passed by, such a pleasure.

The message I want to pass on to you on this post is not only an introduction to some great artistic causes in the City, but a suggestion to a peaceful way of taking things as they are put onto your plate of experiences.

On Friday on introduction from the lovely ZeeArts Community founder I took part in an art-for-the- community-initiative called RESTART THE ART. Certain that it is surely going to be a fulfilling one for anyone seeking community development, It was more than a meaningful start for my 2015 artistic work life. As it was for all the artists Professionals and talented Khansaheb Construction Employees in Dubai.


At least, it turned out that it was a nice topping to my other commercial work that also has been falling in place just fine, taking its own pace "very organically"….which is what puts me at peace because of the certainty that nothing can go wrong when things come together naturally.

By "Organic" in this context I mean...
For instance, something goes very very wrong for us, not out of our own doing but someone else's. It could be even losing a pitch,,,while our competitor may have won the race. Whether one likes it or not things like these keep the world moving in present times. So...Only if someone loses do someone get an opportunity to win. We really can't put rules to anything for that to happen otherwise. Things just transition into something else and one moves to the other like waves in the sea. No matter what you do, whether you inject any kind of stimulus, by way of capital or societal/ethnical influence (oh yes!! some competitors thrive on that-but alas it is short-lived), for everything to come back to normalcy, it will take time. Any situation takes time to heal….you would agree. Even if you hide behind something material which you think may give you that temporary happiness….after that phase you are back at square-one waiting for the time it will take for everything to become normal again. "Time" is so relentless. Cruel and cold at times ... therapeutic and caring at other times. But it is a smooth operator ticking away and so we have to tick along with it to make best of our existence. eh?And hence also be proactive, be persistent, stay in the moment and be proud of our length of time so far on this planet and Just Be Happy. Although it is important to be very curious, very empathetic, very sympathetic, yet cautious and wary of the current environment. By trying our best to make it healthy for ourselves as well as for others around. As I always rant this is the only moment we have surely. Present is a delicacy that needs to be relished. So of course one does not just sit there for it to get normal and organically fall in place. We too are part of the substance that puts everything in place. We too are part of that atom, that world shared by flowers, trees, rocks, and have a responsibility to keep even a bumble bee alive. Like them Hard work and persistence towards our goals are a "must".

So my participation in the on-going Sameness Project satisfies me to think that I was part of an initiative for everyones dream to be considered as "Same" on this earth. Message I took away was that ….. While not taking advantage of each others weaknesses to get ahead alone, then fall down alone without support... Let's take advantage of each others strengths and get ahead together….in good spirit.

I am so excited that I am among some of we artists who are thriving towards this to happen in Dubai….to uplift the true heroes of what Dubai looks like today….every single person was/is as important to have built-up something as world-famous from nothing in such a short span.

Do check out these spaces which are truly currently happening towards a valuable ideal in Dubai

All for equality of humanity, with no ethnic differences, status quo, gender differences, ageist thinking, secular, all size-fits-all attitude.

Watch the above spaces for a year-round excitement to create a happy equality in the midst of great diversity!! IN DUBAI!!!

See you around again!

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