Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 GOALS - 7 points to a Happy Work-life in 2015

Dear 2015 entrant!!!

How are you. I hope you are as energetic and chirpy this New Year. All set to take 2015 by storm?!

Perhaps these 7 points I suggest for a Happy work-life in 2015 should also add to you surging ahead to victory!

The close of an unforgettable 2014 has sat me with my blueprint (Thanks to Drawn by Success to draw up my action plan for 2015…. Thanks to all the players who made it either easier or challenging in 2014 …In the end it all helped to emerge as well-researched a businessperson :o)

So here it is….my points which actually is not rocket-science for anyone to come up with... but just common-sense to be able to jot down and pin-up as reminder to practice as a natural:
  1. Collaborations Select collaborators only after pilot runs. This should be true with also friends. Do the groundwork to check if they could be best business buddies too. Personal issues getting in the way of business commitments is toxic for best practices and eventually for an ideal business. 
  2. Contracts Sign contracts with everyone who you do business with…. Whether it be for a partnership or a supplier or client alliance. Clarity is key to a good contract.  Offer a Purchase Order when you ask for any job or Ask for a Purchase Order for every job you do, even if your client is working with you on retainer-ship basis or for years.
  3. Terms Offer a post-dated cheque to assure your confidence in your service provider, also to show you are keeping your promise in return for their best quality work or Ask for a post-dated cheque, dated a few days after you are expected to deliver the job before you start a project. If the project value is low get your work done by paying in total if you trust (I know it is easier said than done) but for smooth business this could be the best way forward. Because of the trust placed upon the provider, I assure you will get a 200% better job than what it actually cost you. Stick by this policy: Extra charges must apply for delayed payments or delayed deliverables. Count the others time as important as yours.
  4. Discounts Do not give discounts lavishly. And think hard before discounts are granted for if you want to reverse it even your best client could get annoyed. Be firm with your prices as your quality is incomparable.
  5. Documentation Keep on record all your email communication, phone text message communication and proof of work done. In case you don't have any of the above to make claims, these help in the end. Legal systems do help you more than you are aware of if done very meticulously and thoughtfully. Endorsements: This year I will invest in getting my contracts and LPOs attested and wish to have a legal advisor. You may want to do the same to make sure you are doing things the right way.
  6. Respect Respect your associate. Mutual respect for your client or service provider even though the job value is low is so important. Communicate: Keep the communication open and transparent wherever appropriate. Do follow-up after a job is delivered and remember to let the provider know the status of your payments. Delegate this job to your subordinates if you are a busy business owner or manager. A promise broken is a cause for great loss of trust and reputation. Time-management: Keep to deadlines strictly. Whether delivering a job or getting back with approvals or being on time for meetings or collecting or making payments. I know so many of my associates have become as close as part of a family of trusted people, who in a period of time by doing trusted business with each other won't stop at doing each other life-changing favors whenever one could afford to. I have plenty of experiences to share about my clients and associates I have been with for more than a decade who I may drop everything to help them with a project and vice versa. Respect nurtures best associations, helping people to grow with each other. As social beings this is all we have to treasure.
  7. Legitimacy Last but not the least let me say that one cannot come out of all this unscathed if he/she does not have a legit. work status (authorized freelancer, part-timer, business owner or employee with valid visas).
Before I say goodbye with my best New Year cheer to all of you….Let me suggest to consider pinning up these quotes as post-its in front of your workspace:

“Just when you're beginning to get bored with what you have done (letting know of your business offerings and quality of work to your target market) is probably the time it is beginning to be noticed by your Audience".

“Even if you are on the right track you will get run over if you just sit there."

“God will helps those who help themselves. Benjamin Franklin 
(rather than stating this as a religious quote, I state this respecting that this comes from a Philosopher who had practiced hard work and reaped the benefits all his life.)

So no matter what challenges may come by, do not lose focus of what you have stepped out to do….do keep on it and the challenges will not out-shine your successes & determination…and realize the power of writing down your daily goals.

Having experienced the results of doing these a few times in my 2 decades of my career, I can confidently say persistence and being determined with your goals will let you see what you have envisioned miraculously unfolding in front of your eyes.

With a classic wish for a Happy New Year…I dive back into my 2015 endeavors and my kick ass plan :o) for the year to come which already looks good.

So gals and guys! Are you ready to list everything promising you are foreseeing for yourself in 2015? List yours and be very pleased that the clock has struck 12 leaving behind a rich but past 2014 :o))) because with these you are going to be a run-away success!

Do write in for any suggestions on defining your creative selves if you feel stuck in limited and challenging situations…. I will be only too glad to give my 2 cents of "professional counsel".

Catch up with you on this note, a year from now…. with another reality check! And to share how I did this year.

Happy 2015!!! My dear readers!

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