Monday, June 3, 2013

Children's Art - Testing my new Genius Graphic Tablet as opposed to my Wacom

Hello there here I am again peeping in after a long break.
with a sketch I made for my first participation in Illustration Friday's this weeks theme "Sweet".

Come July and I hopefully can schedule a regular hour everyday to share my part of the art world here.

I have a lot of writings I would like to share here as soon as possible but I wish I had a couple of more hands to assist in just maintaining my blogs. I keep writing on my sketchpads with a hope of regular transfer to my posts here but work-life is getting too crowded that my sketchbooks are running out of pages... all filled in and waiting to make that leap into the digital world soon. And I keep telling it, day in a day out...."I promise I'll make it happen!" The passion reflects if typed in by ourselves!

While I promise I will be back more often ... let me leave this note with this Children's Art "A Windy Day in Candy-Land" sketch I enjoyed making using a new Graphic Tablet which I recently purchased as a stand-by to my Wacom tablet. Looks like it pretty much does the job I want to.

Having started drawing digitally much before the light-pen age during the mid-80s, subconsciously I usually take to the mouse to sketch within my photoshop or Illustrator. And have to make a special effort to pick up the light-pen (as behind my head there's this voice that asks me technology has made it so simple for artists so the least I should do to challenge myself is to draw using the mouse and get the same effect.

Anyway I must admit though, that once am with the light-pen, the enjoyment of drawing is a whole other world with accessibility to much more easy pick of the tools which technology has to offer to make life easier where boundaries could be limited only to one's imagination. For instance to use certain custom-brushes inside of photoshop, it makes better sense to use a light-pen like I have done for this sketch....and the pressure sensitivity too does volumes to enhance our experience. Just my take!!  Sure... everyone would have their own custom preference! (in order for you to perhaps to look at the brush-strokes more closely I have placed the drawing once again:

Thank you for visiting my space. I will be back in a wink! 

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