Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Lightpen lightens up my day as I do a very complicated Vector pattern

Today's a big day for me...Am on a deadline to recreate an original sketch I made for a website. Thanks to this favorite client of mine, working for him on this gives birth to a new chapter in my fine art works. Do check back on an extended update on this soon.

Meanwhile I am quickly making this post while I hurry through creating this pattern made up of millions of inanimate shapes on Adobe Illustrator, simply to shout-out to anyone out there working their days out with shapes inside of Adobe without a tablet.....It is your best treasured investment.

The lightpen is helping me make a crazy-complicated pattern digitally in half the time I have taken to create the whole layout.


Considering I took considerable time to sketch it out on paper.... am so excited that I may take just half the time I had imagined it would take with my light pen to draw it out into the vector format all hires.

It's for an upcoming Website so it is too early to reveal any of the design. Will post an update once this amazing interactive site gets launched. I promise it is going to be a different kind of visual treat....Courtesy of my techy client....who constantly helps complement my designs with his brilliant technological magic to take the design to a whole new realm.

Be right back on this soon. 

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