Friday, June 21, 2013

Illustration Friday Theme: Surveillance

Happy Friday

It is my pleasure to post here my submission to Illustration Fridays weekly theme "Surveillance" put out there for the participation of the global community of illustrators.

Desert Surveillance
There was a funny twist to how I made this illustration. Will keep the discussion of the making-of-this for another session or for a how-to article as it is too wordy to include on this post.

This illustration was made into something that tells a story of surveillance by adding a few elements like a few frightened wide-eyed people inside the rusting-abandoned vehicle and a couple of other curious desert-lings (like a hare & a hedge-hog) by the vehicle, with the shadow of surveillance-aircrafts on the desert sands.

Thanks to IF....for while making this picture using pencils, watercolor & ink, I realize it has opened up a whole new avenue for an interesting story for me to build upon in the new future.

Really appreciate your visit.

So long until next time!


  1. Remy,
    This is so awesome! I love this pic! My dad restored old cars for many years so I was used to seeing old vehicles like this but by his hand they went from old and rusty to stunning. This is such a great illustration. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Kimmie for passing by. Lovely to get endorsed by you with such live experience. ...just added some twist to what I imagined...the reference was only from a picture. I have another old car I recently spotted in an India street and want to has so much of character. . Glad to know this one helped bring back old memories. :o)