Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Science Fiction Novel & Book Cover Illustration

It is my pleasure to take you to the online release of a must-read novel "Planeshifters" by an author I admire very much, Gunnar C Garrison for whose books I have had the privilege to design.

Do enjoy an intense read of the Novel as an e-book from:
It is due for a Print release in a few weeks.

Before I take off may I mention that my experiences of designing for Gunnar's books have been most enriching for I couldn't have painted any pixel of it without getting into details of scenes in the story to visualize every detail.

I look forward to releasing an article very soon on the "making of a Sci Fi Book Cover" featuring the Planeshifter's book design. So do visit back or lookup: and you may just about stumble upon it one of these days.

Look forward to seeing you again!

Creatively yours

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