Thursday, September 1, 2011

The untiring Art of Animation still lives afresh (Read my article below)

Animation has been an evergreen subject for decades and decades now and the crave to see more animated films is only growing due to the sheer pleasure of living in that world while watching a movie.

It is such a moment of escapade from the rough toils of this world too.
The out-of-the world experience in Avatar still remains afresh in my mind even after a year.

And so I was not the least let down when I published this latest animation article just a few days ago. It was a generic guide to get anyone started in their animation dream irrespective of any age groups, 20 or 80, a teenager or a stay-at-home mom. I was exhilarated from the reviews I received from my readers, when I sighed a relief to learn that there is still an undeniable urge to learn more about the art and how it was made. And a realisation that we are here to stay in animation for a long time ;o)

With this said I am pleased to invite you to a read of my guide:

Let me hope that this one-pager could take you too to that sure-fire exciting goal. Thank you for stopping by.

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